an angel

an angel 

Far far away from here there is an angel, 

An angel who asked himself, what did I do wrong? 

The world is not what it has to be like! 

He stood up and walked down the road to find his answers, 

He walked and walked and looked up to the sky and asked, 

'World can you help me because I am confused and don't know what to do anymore', 

The world answerd 'whats wrong my angel? what is bothering you so much??' 

The angel starts crying and says, 'I can't save you on my own and what did I do wrong?' 

The world layed a hand on the angel's shoulder and says, 'don't cry, you never did anything wrong, 

the people who don't know what they do, do me wrong', 

The angel screams, 'yes the people who are very ignorant and jealous are doing you wrong, and I wanted to stop it but I can't!' 

The world answerd 'don't let them bother you this much sweety, they can't help that they are this way.. 

Just go for a walk beside the lake and look at the fish and talk to them.....' 

The angel walked besides the lake and saw fish jumping.... he asked, 'are you oke?' 

The fish answerd, 'yes we are just happy jumping...... 

Then the angel sees an castle and he becomes tired....... and he knocked on the door, 

The lady opens the door and says, 'yes can I help you?' 

The angel says, 'Yes I'm walking and walking and want to get some sleep, do you have a place to rest for me ?' 

The lady looks at him and smiles, 'yes I have, but I never thought angels would sleep?' 

The angel laughs and says, 'oh is that so? well I have to get some sleep because angels do get tired sometimes.' *winks*.. 

The next morning came and the angel was full of energy and he thanked the lady for her hospitality and says, 'you can make 3 wishes...' 

The lady waves at him and he walks the road again.... 

Then the angel sees a little girl sitting beside the road, and asks,' hello, what is wrong?' 

The girl answers ,' nothing sir, I am just feeling lonely'. 

the angel says, 'come with me, I will take care of you......'